FoxHunt Pro: iPhone Radio Direction-Finding App

Our newest iPhone App is available in the App Store! FoxHunt Pro is a direction-finding app for transmitter hunting (t-hunting, or fox hunting). More information is available at the FoxHunt Pro site.

RadioPort: professional radio interface

The RadioPort™

The RadioPort eliminates the complexity, clutter and signal quality issues that plague amateur radio digital mode communication. It provides

  • A high quality USB soundcard. A poor soundcard introduces distortion on receive and can cause spurious signals on transmit.
  • A rig interface that provides full galvanic isolation and that adapts to the characteristics of your rig. Many rig interfaces simply skip the full isolation part and handle rig adaptation through some combination of internal jumpers, trimpots, and front panel knobs.
  • Many, many cables. A typical setup includes separate lines to the computer for TX audio, RX audio, push-to-talk and possibly squelch status (for Echolink). And on the rig side, lines for TX audio, RX audio, PTT, and squelch are needed. If you use CAT/CI-V, another wire is needed. This gets out of hand rapidly. If you want digital control over more than one rig, then you face a real mess.
  • Multiple serial ports. For more than one radio, this means buying serial port cards or adapters.
  • A fatplug (wall-wart) to power each rig interface.

The RadioPort makes interfacing your computer and your rig quick and easy.

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