RAI Laboratory LLC is three guys in a garage. OK, there are some other rooms involved, and at our current location there is not, in fact, a garage. Basically we are a father and sons team of hams who are passionate about excellence and giving God the glory!

Bob, W6EI, is the father. He is responsible for hardware design, and this was the first time in too many years for him to get really hands-on with a project such as this. He learned that bifocals and really, really small surface mount devices did not go together well. But thanks to a great Luxo magnifying bench lamp, the project moved forward.

Robbie, K6RAI, is the elder son. He is responsible for the industrial design, web site (and web site programming), supply chain management, and order processing. Much of the really elegant web machinery that makes our site go is invisible to the casual observer, but he built it and keeps it going. He has also learned at a relatively early age what it means to keep a dozen suppliers lined up.

Peter, K6PAI, is the younger son. He is responsible for the design and implementation of the RadioPort Manager which is a real landmark of high-quality ham code. Together with Bob, Peter designed the firmware in the RadioPort itself. I can't begin to tell you how elegant this software system is. Peter wrote and tested all the code, and he is the one releasing the updates that come to our users automatically via the really cool web-based system that he and Robbie cooked up.

Susan, W6SJI, supported this project over the span of over five years and has patiently put up with the three of us doing obscure things with little aluminum boxes. She hopes we will emerge from this project someday. In the meantime, she has been doing some outstanding watercolor painting. Have a look at her website.

Susan is also a voice actress. You can hear her online demo at here.