The RadioPort™

For every signal you want
The RadioPort was designed to be compatible with current sound-card-based ham radio software, allowing you to do more with your radio and computer. Hardware in the RadioPort provides full sound-card functionality via USB - you don't even need to have a sound card in your PC in order to use the RadioPort for digital mode communication! And if you have more than one rig, each additional RadioPort adds the functionality of an additional sound card without your needing to open up your PC. Likewise, the RadioPort has two built-in serial ports that operate over USB. Unlike traditional radio-computer interfaces, the RadioPort uses USB and well-crafted drivers to seamlessly integrate with Windows XP. The drivers create a virtual sound card and two virtual serial ports. These are so well integrated into Windows XP that your digital mode software can't tell the difference from traditional sound cards and serial ports. No new versions of your digital mode software are needed to use the RadioPort. The CI-V interface upgrade allows you to control a rig with a CI-V interface just as if you used an ordinary serial port, but with full galvanic isolation.

Unprecedented ease-of-use
No jumpers, plug-and-play, USB. What more could you want in terms of easy installation? Simply connect USB from computer to RadioPort, and then a interface cable from the RadioPort to the rig, and you are ready to operate. The interface cable adapts the RadioPort's multi-pin jack to your rig. Add a CI-V cable if you like.

On the computer side, the RadioPort's functionality is exposed with a no-nonsense, high quality, high functionality interface which lets you control and manipulate every feature of the RadioPort, including the embedded digital volume trimpots, sound settings, DTMF and more. See Software for further details.

Portable operation?
The average laptop computer has a mediocre sound-system, and operating from laptop sound introduces compromises. The RadioPort's built in low noise sound system upgrades your sound capabilities without having to buy an expensive external sound accessory or a new computer. The RadioPort's durable extruded aluminum enclosure provides protection in harsh operating environments.

Impressive built-in capabilities
In addition to the built-in sound system, serial ports and full galvanic isolation, the RadioPort has the ability to control the PTT via a selection of serial port control outputs, to receive squelch status via a selection of serial port control inputs, to decode in hardware incoming DTMF (useful for EchoLink operation), and to operate an internal solid state relay for turning things in your shack off and on via radio. See Hardware for more details.

Expand your Future
As if that wasn't enough, the RadioPort has room to grow. A built-in mezzanine connector offers the possibility of new hardware functionality. Plans are underway to open this interface to third parties. If you are interested, please contact us. The RadioPort Manager provides a convenient mechanism for downloading firmware updates as well as updates to the RadioPort Manager itself, keeping your software current.

For more detailed information, please see the RadioPort Spec Sheet.