The RadioPort provides all these features in one elegant, rugged, extruded aluminum enclosure:

  • A USB Soundcard with a -80dB noise floor
  • A microprocessor controlled rig interface
  • A jumper-free, trimpot-free design that puts the configurations and level settings under your control via an elegant PC application
  • Full galvanic isolation for audio, PTT, squelch AND CI-V
  • A professionally designed and manufactured surface-mount circuit board
  • A one-wire-to-PC interface (USB) that also powers the interface, eliminating the need for a fatplug
  • A one-wire-to-rig interface (two if you use CI-V)

In addition, each RadioPort comes with a sophisticated PC-based management application (The RadioPort Manager) that includes user-configurable audio levels, real-time level display, rig control line configuration to match your favorite digital mode applications, real-time audio spectrum display, and Internet-based firmware upgrading. Read more about the RadioPort Manager under Software.